Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my chosen hobbies.

DC Universe Miniature Game
Ball Park Baseball, 1917 season
Warhammer 40K

And that’s just what I touched this weekend.

I also spent a few days following the livestream from Star Wars Celebration Orlando, got a haircut, went to a baseball game, watched the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who, attended a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark with a live orchestra, Easter Brunch with family, and still feel that I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to this weekend.

For example, I didn’t get to play a game of Warfighter or Phantom Leader.  Or start watching a couple of shows on Netflix/Amazon Video.  Or read comics.  Or read in general.

Ah well.

I’m posting this trailer just because.  You folks who haven’t started watching this really should start, the last season begins this fall.

Deliveries update

The stuff not delivered on Monday, which said it was, arrived on Tuesday.

The stuff delivered today was due for delivery tomorrow (Thursday), except for the stuff that was due today, which did arrive today.

More stuff is scheduled for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

That is all.

Weekend Update

3-Day weekend review, by activities:

  • watched Power Rangers
  • played 2 baseball games
  • painted miniatures
  • watched NCAA Final Four games
  • 1st play of Warfighter
  • watching baseball on Opening Day

What to do now, as the Giants opener ends and the Warriors game is on in about an hour or so?

Bandwagoners and ‘True’ Fans

As short a time as I’ve been calling myself a bandwagon Warriors fan, I laugh at the reaction of so-called ‘true’ fans after the recent run of Warriors games.  Panic, the sky is falling, etc.

I saw the same thing happen to Giants ‘fans’ after they failed to make the playoffs in 2011/2013/2015, and especially when they lost in the 2016 postseason.

Teams go through slumps and other adversity.  As a ‘true’ sports fan, I’ve known this for years.  There is no pattern.  There is no ‘even years for the Giants’ thing.  That was a coincidence.

The Warriors may be imploding because of the loss of Kevin Durant.  Or not.  How about we wait until the playoffs start before writing them off, huh?

Bottom line is that fans who come to a team ONLY when they start winning don’t know how to deal with slumps and losing streaks.  They only know the team when they are successful.  And sadly their coping mechanism is trying to throw criticism wherever they can, whether it’s the coach or players or even management.

Long suffering Giants and Warriors (and 49ers) fans can cope better, having tasted success, and are happy that their team has won during that ‘long suffering’ phase.  I for one was satisfied with the Giants 2010 World Series Championship.  2012 and 2014 were gravy and/or icing.  A lot of my long time Warriors fan family and friends were happy with the 2015 Championship, though disappointed with the 2016 Finals result.

There’s nothing wrong with that disappointment, nor am I saying that the teams shouldn’t strive for the big prize.  What I’m saying is that you should not expect championships and the accolades to be handed to a team on a plate, before the playoffs or the season even begins.  Cheer your team on, through thick or thin.  And cherish the moments when they do win big.