Jacket Part Deux

At the beginning of the month I ordered a jacket from Hot Topic.

Yeah.  That Hot Topic.

Anywho, I had it shipped to a local store, in a mall, and waited for the email telling me that I could pick up the order.

That email never came.

Three weeks later (Tuesday) I emailed Hot Topic and asked for a status update on the jacket order.

Their reply:

Hey Chris,

Thanks for emailing us at Hottopic.com!

We apologize if you did not receive the notification that your order is ready for pickup. Please feel free to pick up your order at your earliest convenience.


I have a feeling it was sitting at the store for a good two weeks.  Which is sad because I had gone to that mall at least 2-3 times in those two weeks.

As for the jacket itself, which I picked up after work today, it looks like a cross between two of Cassian Andor’s jackets from Rogue One.

Basically took the styling of the brown one, and added detail and color of the blue one.  Behold:

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A jacket that I had purchased online 3 weeks ago has apparently been ready for pickup for about 2 weeks.

I never got a notification email telling me this.

Pictures later after I pick it up.

D6 Star Wars

Introducing Gaba Gabahey, Space Marshall!

Male Sullustan

Dexterity 3D
Blaster 4D

Knowledge 2D+2
Bureaucracy 3D+2
Law Enforcement 3D+2
Streetwise 3D+2

Mechanical 4D
Space Transports 5D
Starfighter Piloting 5D

Perception 3D

Strength 2D+1
Brawling 3D+1

Technical 3D

Special Abilities:
Enhanced Senses:  +2 bonus to Perception/Search under low light (vision) or hearing
Location sense: Never gets lost once he visits an area; +1D to Astrogation if previously visited system

Move: 10
Force Sensitive? No
Credits: 1,000

  • Equipment:
  • DL-18 blaster pistol (4D)
  • uniform
  • medpac
  • vacuum suit

Languages: Basic, Sullustese

Star Wars Figures

At lunch today I dropped by GameStop, where I saw the 40th Anniversary Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures for the first time.  They look great, in vintage packaging, but I don’t think I’ll be picking them up.

I didn’t see R2-D2 at GameStop…

The Han Solo figure was basically the same one I bought a couple of years back, complete with Stormtrooper utility belt and E-11 blaster rifle.

Luke, Leia and Obi-Wan all look great too, with cloth robes/tunics, but I find myself running out of display space, and putting more and more stuff in storage containers.

That has to stop.  I can’t collect for the sake of collecting.  Even my friends who collected a particular thing of a thing over the years stopped doing that, and I need to be more selective, too.

All Things Jyn may be the last theme that I do, collecting wise.  Not sure how much stuff from The Last Jedi I’ll pick up, beyond a Rose figure.  Most of what I see picking up from this franchise will be Han Solo or Boba Fett related, going forward, with the occasional trooper variant.


So here I have a stack of blank character sheets for the D6 Star Wars Role-Playing Game (Revised, Expanded, UPdated edition), with no plans to run a campaign.


Maybe I’ll create a character, for old times’ sake.


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my chosen hobbies.

DC Universe Miniature Game
Ball Park Baseball, 1917 season
Warhammer 40K

And that’s just what I touched this weekend.

I also spent a few days following the livestream from Star Wars Celebration Orlando, got a haircut, went to a baseball game, watched the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who, attended a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark with a live orchestra, Easter Brunch with family, and still feel that I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to this weekend.

For example, I didn’t get to play a game of Warfighter or Phantom Leader.  Or start watching a couple of shows on Netflix/Amazon Video.  Or read comics.  Or read in general.

Ah well.

I’m posting this trailer just because.  You folks who haven’t started watching this really should start, the last season begins this fall.

Troopers & Special Ops

I like collecting.

I like collecting Stormtroopers, mainly variants.  Snowtroopers rule.

I like special ops, like the British SAS, the Navy’s Seal Team 6, and Delta Force.

Recently Lucasfilm has announced a new book coming out called Inferno Squad, which is supposed to be the Empire’s elite infiltration squad, formed after the events in Rogue One, tasked to eliminate the remaining members of Saw Guerra’s rebels.

During today’s Battlefront II panel they revealed Inferno Squad as playable characters in the game.  The squad witnessed the destruction of the second Death Star above the forest moon of Endor.

And then the Hasbro panel revealed this GameStop exclusive:

Black Series 6″ Battlefront II Inferno Squadron Agent Figure

A SpecOps trooper figure.

He looks awesome.

I preordered one immediately.


Or should I say, comprehend.

Since Rogue One first came out, and more recently with the digital release last Friday, I’ve seen discussions online were people are completely or partially mishearing/misunderstanding dialogue from the movie.

Specifically, this exchange:

Mon Mothma: Despite what the others say, war is inevitable.
Bail Organa: Yes, I agree.  I must return to Alderaan to inform my people that there will be no peace.
Mon Mothma: We will need every advantage.  Your friend, the Jedi.
Bail Organa: He served me well during the Clone Wars and has lived in hiding since the Emperor’s purge.  Yes, I will send for him.
Mon Mothma: You’ll need someone you can trust.
Bail Organa: I would trust her with my life.

People think that the Jedi who they’re referring to either Ezra Bridger or Ahsoka Tano.


Ezra knows Bail, but he did not serve in the Clone Wars.  I don’t even think he was born until long after Revenge of the Sith.

As for Ahsoka, people think they’re referring to her because of that last line, “I would trust her with my life,”  which is actually referring to Leia.  Also,”he served me well” couldn’t refer to Ahsoka.

Putting all this together, plus the fact that this movie ends about 5 minutes before the beginning of the first Star Wars, how can you not know that they’re talking about Obi-Wan Kenobi?

I’m guessing that we’ll see the fate of Ezra, Ahsoka and even Kanan, in the next season of Star Wars Rebels.

Birthday Shindig

It feels very odd to get home from a gathering of friends and family, and I’m not uploading any pictures from it.

My niece and nephew told me to put my camera away, since it was my own birthday party.

It was a fun time, with the previously mentioned friends and family present, and it was good to catch up with them all.

Plenty of food, as usual, with a great cake that my sister Jen made.

I got lots of cards and a few gifts, even though I didn’t expect any.

The best part of it all?

Seeing almost everyone in Star Wars t-shirts, and a couple of costumes.  That was my requested theme, as Star Wars truly rules my own life, and affects everyone else around me.

Heck, my cake was Chewbacca’s face!

Thank you to all who attended today, and to all who have wished me an early birthday.

T-minus 5 days and counting.