Birthday Shindig

It feels very odd to get home from a gathering of friends and family, and I’m not uploading any pictures from it.

My niece and nephew told me to put my camera away, since it was my own birthday party.

It was a fun time, with the previously mentioned friends and family present, and it was good to catch up with them all.

Plenty of food, as usual, with a great cake that my sister Jen made.

I got lots of cards and a few gifts, even though I didn’t expect any.

The best part of it all?

Seeing almost everyone in Star Wars t-shirts, and a couple of costumes.  That was my requested theme, as Star Wars truly rules my own life, and affects everyone else around me.

Heck, my cake was Chewbacca’s face!

Thank you to all who attended today, and to all who have wished me an early birthday.

T-minus 5 days and counting.

So far, so good…

I’ve kept myself to checking social media once every hour or two, and when I do get on Facebook or Twitter, I log off if I see more than 2-3 political posts in my timeline.

This is for me, not for you.  Don’t feel slighted if I or anyone else is checking in less often.  We do what we need to do for our own well being.

Meanwhile, I have to get back into the novel Life Debt, as the next book in the Aftermath series comes out in about 2 and a half weeks!  Yikes!

And, after watching just the first 10 minutes of the second episode of Riverdale, I’ve decided to stop.  It’s just TOO teen angsty and 90’s WB/CW in it’s tone.  I’ll stick to the recent Archie Comic by Mark Waid, thanks.

And I liked Powerless.  It has potential.

Also, I hope they sell that ‘Sleeping Draymond’ blanket to the general public.

Weekend Goals?


Played some table top baseball.

Painted Blood Bowl lizardman miniatures.

Built LEGO van/caravan set.

Replaced Keurig machine with larger capacity Keurig machine.


Work on Lunchtime D&D campaign.

Do a dry run of a podcast, unless you count the 1-hour phone conversation that I had with my mystery co-host.

Start watching The Man in the High Castle, Season 2.


New game!

Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Rebellion

It says that it’s a 2-4 player game, but everywhere I look says that it’s really a 2-player game, or 2 teams of two players, which may as well just be 2-players.

Let’s take a look at it!

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The Last Jedi

Oh, right, my reaction to this.



That is all.


Around age 10-11, two things that my world revolved around were Star Wars and rabbits.

Star Wars is pretty much a given as how much it’s been a part of my life.

But rabbits?

I had a plush bunny rabbit as one of my first toys as a baby, and I held onto that bunny well into my pre-teen years.  He lead my cadre of other toys, including Action Jackson, the Six Million Dollar Man, and various other plushies.

I have always been a big fan of Warner Bros. cartoons, especially Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

After the initial 6-issue run of Marvel’s original Star Wars comic, they started to tell new stories.  The first arc was about Han Solo and Chewbacca getting involved in a ‘Magnificent Seven’-esque confrontation on some planet.

One of the members of his gang, the Star-Hoppers of Aduba-3?


Described as a 7-foot tall Lepi smuggler, Jaxxon became my first favorite character from Star Wars who was *not* in the original film.

This means he beat out Boba Fett as my first favorite by about a year (comic released in November, 1977).

As the link mentions, Jaxxon pretty much disappeared from the comics after issue #16, with reference to him in other media, but no appearances.

Which is too bad, because the character has left a lasting impression on me and many other Star Wars fans.  Whether the impression is good or bad, is up to the individual fan.

Han Solo: “I saw that, rabbit…”
Jaxxon: “Well, hooray for your side! You must’a been eatin’ your space-carrots…never could stand ’em myself! I’m—”
Han Solo: “I heard: A meat-eater…one that needs a job right?”
Jaxxon: “Well I ain’t standin’ out here for the decor.”
―Jaxxon meets Han Solo

Day Off

For MLKJr day, I went to go see Rogue One, for my 5th time.

I think I cried a bit more than I had before, because of the ending.  It’s the first time I’ve seen the film after Carrie Fisher passed away.

After the movie I treated myself to some ice cream, and then picked up some Doctor Who blu-rays from Best Buy, and some groceries from Lucky’s.

In between those two shopping excursions, I met up with my sister Jen, who gave me a couple of gifts from Hawaii for myself and Dad.

Once I got home I settled in to watch the Warriors kick the Cav’s asses in a 126-91 game.

Right now I’m blogging while I endure a slight headache.

How was your day?

Star Wars Post

At Toys R Us, I inadvertently got a free Star Wars Rebels poster with a qualifying purchase over $20.

Cashier: Would you like the free Star Wars poster?
Me: … yes, please.


At Gator Games, I was checking out the new Star Wars Destiny dice game, and while checking online what would be needed to start getting into the game, I realized that I didn’t need yet ANOTHER Star Wars game from Fantasy Flight Games that I would not be playing.

So instead of picking up a couple of starter packs, I picked up the Alliance Smuggler miniature playing piece for Imperial Assault.  I’m designating that figure as my character in-game, based on my Star Wars The Old Republic character, Jayke Skykiller.


At home I pulled out the Imperial Assault game, and simple rummaged through the figures while adding the Alliance Smuggler mini and cards to the game.  I may pick up Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian, just to have the Original Trilogy heroes in the game.

I then pulled out the X-Wing Miniatures Game, along with a couple of larger ship minis that i had picked up almost a year ago.  After trying to fit everything (ships, cards, tokens, etc.) into the two core boxes that I had picked up, I finally opened the third core set (The Force Awakens edition) that I picked up on clearance from Target and was able to fit everything over the three boxes.


After the AFC playoff game, I started up this week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels. Quite a surprise (or not?) to see yet another Ralph McQuarrie design make it onto the show, this time a ‘protocol’ droid that looked a lot like the early concept art for C-3PO.