Randomness 5.16.2017

Thoughts after last night’s Supergirl episode:


Watched 10 minutes of Logan Noir, it looks great.

Mind control?  Disguised Daxamite? #supergirlthoughts

Is the current popularity of Star Wars sapping away my interest in Star Trek?  Or is it the debacle that is Star Trek Discovery?

How do you like your eggs?


It rained.  And hailed.  And rained.  And hailed.

All the while I ran a few errands.

No one seems to like Peeps Oreos.  They’re not bad.

I also got a bag of black jelly beans, which only I and my niece Chloe seem to like.

And I found this guy:

Jakks Pacific Big Figs 20″ Classic Superman

I’m tempted to pick up Batman and the rest of the original Superfriends, if they become available.