6 months later

List of games that have not been played, in no particular order:

  1. Hornet Leader
  2. Gato Leader
  3. Corsair Leader
  4. Philippines Ablaze
  5. Carrier Strike Force
  6. Bataan!
  7. Comancheria
  8. Field Commander: Alexander
  9. Tiger Leader
  10. Star Trek Attack Wing
  11. Batman Miniatures Game
  12. Star Wars: Rebellion
  13. Warhammer 40K 8th Edition/Kill Team/Shadow War Armageddon
  14. Massive Darkness
  15. 7TV
  16. Ghostbusters II

This list has been expanded to include non-solo games as well.

You;d think I would have played more of the solo wargames, but I haven’t.  I suppose it’s the “learning how to play” thing that’s stopping me.

Though in a few cases (#s 3-5) it’s because theyre print ‘n play games, and I have yet to cut out and assemble all the pieces for any of those games.

I hope to cut this list in half over the next 6 months.

Sunday Blatherings

Dunkin’ Donut run in the morning.  I have yet to invoke my AARP card ‘free donut with large coffee’ thing.

Started watching the Broncos-Eagles game, but decided to go out and run errands instead.

Didn’t pick up anything from Barnes & Noble.

Picked up some grey paint from Gator Games.

Didn’t pick up anything from Toys R Us.

Didn’t pick up anything from Tanforan Shopping Center.

I stopped by McDonalds because I wanted a milkshake.  I ordered a Mighty Kids meal, and when I asked for a chocolate shake, the cashier said that they were out of shakes.  What?

I stopped by Best Buy to support my niece and her Girl Scout troop, who were selling chocolate and nuts in front of the store.  I went inside to find an ATM, and ended up picking up Call of Duty WWII.

I went home and used my new paint to finally start painting up my Militarum Tempestus Scions again.  I also watched the end of the 49ers game.

And now I’m watching Marvel films on TV.


I thought I was just getting the updated charts for A Wing and a Prayer.

Instead, they sent the charts AND the updated rule book.  What service!

Hopefully I’ll get to it this weekend.

First Play: A Wing and A Prayer

Finally got around to trying out this game.

I played the short campaign, covering the early bombing missions from August to December 1942.  5 missions total.

Heavy damage was inflicted on the following targets:

  • St. Omer (aircraft factory)
  • Lille (industrial center)
  • Antwerp (industrial center)

The following targets were completely destroyed:

  • Cherbourg (aircraft factory)
  • Rotterdam (marshalling yard)

Of the 12 B-17F bombers under my command, the following 10 ended the campaign with better than ‘green’ crews:

‘crack’ crew:

  • Slavo Sally
  • Jersey Bounce
  • Queenie
  • Hell’s Angels (lead bomber throughout campaign)
  • Big Red
  • Demo Darling
  • Green Hornet

‘veteran’ crew

  • Chow Hound
  • Pueblo Vengence
  • Peoria Bell

12 Campaign victory points, resulting in:

Major Victory: War shortened by 3 months.  You earn the Silver Star and an eventual promotion to Brigadier General.

This is possibly my second favorite of the four B-17 bomber games that I own, right below B-17 Queen of the Skies, and ahead of B-17 Flying Fortress Leader and Target for Today.

Target for Today: Mission #1 AAR

After Action Report: August, 1942

Target for Today: Amiens (Airfield)

Bomber: Super-X (Mission #1)
Group position: Low
Bomber #: 15

Good fighter cover to and from target zone.

Zone 1: Good weather, no complications during take off.
Zone 2: 50% cloud cover, no German fighter resistance.
Zone 3: Clear skies, moderate German fighter resistance, mostly driven off by fighter cover, until 2 fighters got through.  Both were shot down, 1xME 109 by Sgts Hayes and Stewart, 1xME 109 by Sgt. Martin.
Zone 4: Clear skies, no German fighter resistance.
Zone 5: TARGET ZONE – Clear skies, target slightly obscured, moderate German fighter resistance, driven off by fighter cover.  Light Flak, no hits to bomber.  Bomb run was on target, 50% of target damaged.

Zone 5: Clear skies, heavy German fighter resistance, driven off by fighter cover.
Zone 4: 50% cloud cover, no German fighter resistance.
Zone 3: 50% cloud cover, moderate German fighter resistance, driven off by fighter cover.
Zone 2: 50% cloud cover, no German fighter resistance.
Zone 1: Good weather, no complications during landing.

First mission under my belt, and I gotta say, I prefer this game to B-17 Flying Fortress Leader. I think both games play rather smoothly, once you figure out the mechanics of the rules.

I prefer to fly a single bomber in a group, instead of the entire group all at once.  That’s probably due to my playing B-17 Queen of the Skies for so many years.  TfT plays like an enhanced version of the original QotS game.

I’ll give the single bomber game in FFL a shot.

Zone 3

Long: “Fighter coming in, 1:30 high!”

Hayes: “There’s one on our 6, high!”

Stewart: “I see him!”

Stewart and Hayes opened fire, blasting the ME 109 to hell.

Stewart: “Ha!  Got him!”

Hayes: “No, I got him!”

Stewart: “Call it a tie?”

Hayes: “Yeah, okay.”

Martin squeezes the trigger on his right waist gun, obliterating the remaining ME 109.

Mitchell: “Hey, the kid got one!”

Thompson: “Nice shooting there.”

Martin: “Thanks, Chief.”

Thompson: “Don’t call me ‘Chief’.”

Find a Crew

I found a random name/age/home state generator for Target for Today.

The crew of the B-17 Flying Fortress “Super-X”:

Name Rank Age Home State
Bomber Super-X
Pilot Wallace Thompson Lt. 21 NY
Co-Pilot Leon Mitchell Lt. 28 OH
Navigator Ronald Long Lt. 22 TN
Bombardier Chester Bryant Lt. 25 CT
Engineer Wayne Hill Sgt. 21 IL
Radio Operator David Stewart Sgt. 22 MT
Ball Gunner Billy Hughes Sgt. 23 NJ
Left Waist Gunner Edwin Bennett Sgt. 23 GA
Right Waist Gunner Philip Martin Sgt. 20 CA
Tail Gunner Joe Hayes Sgt. 21 MA

This gives the game a bit more ‘character’, like it did in the older B-17 Queen of the Skies.  By putting names to a fictional crew, you pull for them to survive.

Back in the day, I used names of people I knew.  Still do, as the B-17 QotS campaign for the bomber “Facebook” will attest.

First mission is ready, raid on the airfields of Amiens, France.

Wheels up in the morning.  I should be done with the rules by then.