Phantom Leader Unboxed

The package arrived at about a quarter to 1pm.

BEHOLD! Average sized box for a wargame.
Opened! Rulebook sits atop the rest of the contents, as usual
Aww, the player log sheet was damaged. Luckily they have it online, so I can print copies as I need them
Campaign sheets
Help sheet
Tactical display
Cards and a d10

I’ll post my 1st play through as soon as I read up on the rules

Uh oh…

Phantom Leader is out for delivery, via Amazon delivery services.

I haven’t had something delivered by them in a while, since this Flex thing started, so we’ll see if  the service is any better than it was before, like when they delivered a small package of mine to the house next door.


As per my standard operating procedure, I went a little overboard and went on a games shopping spree.

In addition to Phantom Leader, I have these two games on order:

And later I discovered THIS and ordered it…

So yeah.  Games overload.

Check Six!

For some reason I felt the need to pick up something that brings me back to the original tabletop gaming that I used to play, in my early teens: historical wargaming.  I had a few Avalon Hill games that I played, namely War at Sea and Victory in the Pacific.  Through high school we mostly played Star Fleet Battles, moving toward RPGs during senior year.  But we did find time to try games like Top Gun and Flight Leader.

The big difference back then was that the wargames were rarely designed for solitaire play, and when I didn’t have anyone to play with I ended up playing both sides of a conflict.

In the past few years I had bought a tabletop modern aircraft wargame which used miniatures, but once again I had no one to play with, so I just painted up a bunch of the minis and left them in a storage box somewhere in the house.

Finally, I came across this:

I’d been eyeing Phantom Leader and Hornet Leader for a while now, along with a couple of submarine games (U-Boat Leader/Gato Leader).  I finally chose this one because I remember the F-4 Phantom as the cool looking fighter jet of my youth.  Both the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds used them for their airshows back in the day.

Unlike my old standby, B-17: Queen of the Skies, these games have a political factor in each mission.  If you bomb too big a target, politics may slow you down and limit the number of potential targets in later missions, but if you don’t strike hard enough, you could end up losing the campaign and the war.

This game should arrive sometime this weekend.  If I end up liking it I may pick up Hornet Leader later.

Star Wars Post

At Toys R Us, I inadvertently got a free Star Wars Rebels poster with a qualifying purchase over $20.

Cashier: Would you like the free Star Wars poster?
Me: … yes, please.


At Gator Games, I was checking out the new Star Wars Destiny dice game, and while checking online what would be needed to start getting into the game, I realized that I didn’t need yet ANOTHER Star Wars game from Fantasy Flight Games that I would not be playing.

So instead of picking up a couple of starter packs, I picked up the Alliance Smuggler miniature playing piece for Imperial Assault.  I’m designating that figure as my character in-game, based on my Star Wars The Old Republic character, Jayke Skykiller.


At home I pulled out the Imperial Assault game, and simple rummaged through the figures while adding the Alliance Smuggler mini and cards to the game.  I may pick up Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian, just to have the Original Trilogy heroes in the game.

I then pulled out the X-Wing Miniatures Game, along with a couple of larger ship minis that i had picked up almost a year ago.  After trying to fit everything (ships, cards, tokens, etc.) into the two core boxes that I had picked up, I finally opened the third core set (The Force Awakens edition) that I picked up on clearance from Target and was able to fit everything over the three boxes.


After the AFC playoff game, I started up this week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels. Quite a surprise (or not?) to see yet another Ralph McQuarrie design make it onto the show, this time a ‘protocol’ droid that looked a lot like the early concept art for C-3PO.