Prepare for Battle

Okay, so, the counters have been punched and cards sorted for both B-17 and Alexander games.

Awaiting the large box for Warfighter WWII, should arrive this week.

Re-reading the rules for X-Wing Miniatures for Games night this Saturday.

Reading the rules for Bataan!, Shadow War: Armageddon and a couple of other games.

Deciding to play the next series of games in either the 1917 or 1967 baseball replays.

Picking up Injustice 2 after work today.

Games overload in full effect!

Warfighter WWII

I ran the sample mission, and totally had my ass handed to me.

4 green/novice GIs, cut to pieces by a German Half Track and a dozen riflemen and sturmtruppen.  They didn’t have a chance.

Maybe next time I won’t play with the Elite German troops deck.

About Warfighter WWII

I’m really like the Modern Day version, I hear this one is harder…

The rules appear to be identical to Warfighter Modern, with changes appropriate to the time period.  For example, there’s lots of different pistol/rifle ammo sizes in the modern version, but only one basic ‘bullet’ type in the WWII edition, called ‘Ammo ‘.

I looked at the available expansions, which I’m holding off purchasing because I’m told that there’s plenty of replay in the core box.  If I were to get any of the expansions, I’d probably get the extra US, and UK card decks.  Maybe the Germans, but I’d have to see if I don’t mind playing them.  I really have no interest in the Russian and Polish expansions.

I’m not sure what the next couple of waves of expansions will be, but I’m hoping for Pacific Theatre card decks for the WWII game.  As for the Modern setting, I really don’t know.

I hope to get a game play in sometime this weekend.  Luckily the WWII Call of Duty figures were delivered to the office today.

And I may or may not start taking turn-by-turn notes in order to create a mission narrative for an after action report.

Mega Construx Call of Duty

I noticed that I was using Call of Duty figures with desert uniforms for jungle ops, so I checked to see if there were any jungle figures available.

Jungle Rangers set

And then I checked to see if there were World War II figures for the Warfighter WWII game that’s coming in:

Classic Infantry Pack

They even have an authentic 48-star flag in that set.