Sunday Blatherings

Dunkin’ Donut run in the morning.  I have yet to invoke my AARP card ‘free donut with large coffee’ thing.

Started watching the Broncos-Eagles game, but decided to go out and run errands instead.

Didn’t pick up anything from Barnes & Noble.

Picked up some grey paint from Gator Games.

Didn’t pick up anything from Toys R Us.

Didn’t pick up anything from Tanforan Shopping Center.

I stopped by McDonalds because I wanted a milkshake.  I ordered a Mighty Kids meal, and when I asked for a chocolate shake, the cashier said that they were out of shakes.  What?

I stopped by Best Buy to support my niece and her Girl Scout troop, who were selling chocolate and nuts in front of the store.  I went inside to find an ATM, and ended up picking up Call of Duty WWII.

I went home and used my new paint to finally start painting up my Militarum Tempestus Scions again.  I also watched the end of the 49ers game.

And now I’m watching Marvel films on TV.

40K Books

I still have a stack of unread Imperial Guard books, mostly Gaunt’s Ghosts, in my “to read” pile.  I haven’t touched those books for years.

Yet here I am pre-ordering a book coming out next year:

For the Emperor.

Xenos 2

At least they sent the correct book for these guys to me…

Index: Xenos 2, for my Orks, WAAAGH!!!

The online shop that I bought my 8th edition books from sent me the wrong Imperium book, Volume 1 instead of 2.

Haven’t heard from them yet, but hopefully they’re gonna send the correct one soon.

For the Emperor!

The 8th Edition of Warhammer 40K came out today, and while I do have hard copies preordered and being shipped to me by the end of the coming week, I decided to go with digital copies as well, mainly so I don’t have to lug the books everywhere if I wanted to read them.

8th Edition Rulebook

From what I’ve read so far, and from after action reports online, the game plays much faster than before, with very streamlined rules.

I’m looking forward to playing, whenever that will be.

Best Laid Plans…

I ran some errands today, and stopped by a couple of game stores.

They had the Warhammer 40K 8th edition stuff on display.

The 8th Edition boxed set

I looked through the box and determined that I don’t need more Space Marines (even the new ones) or Chaos Space Marines.

I then looked at the new rule book and the new indexes.

Big mistake.

I hadn’t planned on preordering anything from 8th Edition, to be honest.

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40K 8th

I think I’m going to ignore the hype and excitement this time around, and hold off on purchasing the latest (8th) edition of Warhammer 40K.

The last time Glenn and I actually played, it was with the 5th edition rules.

We picked up the 6th and 7th edition rules, but never played.  I think I bought them mostly for reference, to keep my army lists current with my existing models/miniatures.

A few folks in my latest gaming group picked up the Kill Team boxed set, and a couple of us have picked up Shadow War: Armageddon, with no solid plans of when to play either.

And then there’s all the other miniature/skirmish games that we’d like to play.

Full 40K is taking a back seat for now.  As it has in the past, but this time without picking up the new rules, yet.

Free Comic Book Day 2017

Getting better at scheduling this out.

I picked up my nephew at a little after 10am.  We got to the comic shop about 10-15 minutes before they opened.  We had to park on the other side of the 24 Hour Fitness building and walk a bit to the comic shop.

There was a short line that went pretty quick after the shop opened at 11am.  We each grabbed our allotted 3 comics, got rung up at a register, and left.

By the time we got to the mall/theatre, it was about time to grab some food and go to our seats.  They ran out of medium sized ICEE cups and didn’t have pretzel bites, so I settled for a large ICEE and a hot dog.  Joseph got an ICEE and popcorn.

There were no loud talkers, and only some seat confusion due to not being able to see the seat numbers once the lights go down.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 holds up on second viewing.

After the movie I checked my phone and saw a voicemail message from Gator Games, which I checked to confirm that my copy of the Shadow War Armageddon rule book was available for pickup.

After picking up some sundries from Target we quickly drove down to the game store and I got my rule book, while Joseph asked the workers there about Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

We made one last stop at the Brisbane library, who also participate in Free Comic Book Day, and they have no limits on the comics one can take.  I don’t know why we just don’t go there initially…

I dropped off Joseph, then refueled my car and myself (gas and McDonalds, respectively) and went home, to find too many choices on TV (Captain America movies, Star Wars marathon, NBA playoffs).


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my chosen hobbies.

DC Universe Miniature Game
Ball Park Baseball, 1917 season
Warhammer 40K

And that’s just what I touched this weekend.

I also spent a few days following the livestream from Star Wars Celebration Orlando, got a haircut, went to a baseball game, watched the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who, attended a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark with a live orchestra, Easter Brunch with family, and still feel that I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to this weekend.

For example, I didn’t get to play a game of Warfighter or Phantom Leader.  Or start watching a couple of shows on Netflix/Amazon Video.  Or read comics.  Or read in general.

Ah well.

I’m posting this trailer just because.  You folks who haven’t started watching this really should start, the last season begins this fall.