If there’s anything I’m learning from playing this 1917 MLB replay, it’s that the game was played very differently (obviously) back then.

I’ve started play on day two, and in the game I’m currently playing (Senators @ Athletics), I just had the weirdest double play that I’ve ever seen:

Bases loaded, 1 out.  I try a suicide squeeze, resulting in a strikeout and the runner on third getting caught stealing home.

I think this season replay is teaching me how to play this game better, in general.  I’d ignore the solitaire charts in my 1958 replay, and slowly started using them in my 1967 replay, but I’m using them whole hog in the 1917 replay.

Day two results should be posted shortly.

Stay tuned!

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Dad was watching this movie when I got home tonight.

I checked History Maker Golf’s All-Time Great set, and neither golfer is in it.  Someone else did make a home brew card of Harry Vardon, though.  The golf course from the story is not available in any of the course sets.

The APBA Golf game came with both golfers in the ATG sets.  The included course is not the site of the 1913 US Open, however.

I suppose once I figure out how to make golfers and golf courses for History Maker Golf, I can recreate Francis Oumet and the Country Club golf course in Brookline, Massachusetts.  Unless someone beats me to it.

Stay tuned!