History Maker Golf: Nicklaus vs. Palmer

For my first golf match, I decided to play two of the greatest golfers in history, at the course that I’ve seen the most on TV.

Jack Nicklaus, circa 1962

Arnold Palmer, circa 1954

Admittedly, I mostly just watch the Masters, if I ever do watch golf on TV.

The two golfers come from the All-Time Greats set, which rates them based on the year they turned pro, so this is 1962 Nicklaus vs. 1954 Palmer.

Like most if not all of PLAAY’s games, History Maker Golf weaves a story as you play, at it was honestly like watching a golf match on TV.  You could hear the crowd responding to the golfer’s shots, both good and bad.  You could see the ball as it traveled from the tee, onto the fairway, and eventually on the green.

And as luck would have it, these two greats ended up in a tie after 17 holes.  And both golfers hit for par to end the round still tied.

I decided to play sudden death to determine the winner.

Palmer bogeyed the first hole.

But Nicklaus DOUBLE BOGEYED, giving Palmer the win.

I really like this game.  I’m probably going to play a few more matches with 2-4 golfers, then try the tournament mode, and then start creating my own golfers, including Happy Gilmore, Shooter McGavin, maybe myself, and any of my friends who may be interested, or who actually play golf.

Stay tuned!

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