Techno Bowl: First Play Impresssions

I watched this video, skimmed the rules, and tried to play a set of downs this morning.

It plays VERY much like Blood Bowl, with a few rules changed or added.  And it’s a lot of fun, even solo.  The cards make solo play feasible.

This was the field of play when I setup the game last night:

And this is how it looked this morning, when I had to leave for work:

Yes, this is a custom playmat field that I picked up for my team.

On the left side, Bighorns #6 was knocked down by Reapers #41 in the endzone,  but before he did, he managed to complete a pass to Bighorns #7, on the right side of the field, who is being chased down by Reapers #77.


I think I should just orient all the players so the numbers face me, like a video game.

My initial impression of this game is that I like it.

I’ll finish off this playthrough when I get home from work.

Stay tuned!