2010 World Series, Game 4

Final from The Ballpark at Arlington

Four-game sweep for the Giants, as they win their first World Series in San Francisco, and the franchise’s first championship since 1954.

As in reality, Edgar Renteria hits a homer that proves to be the game winning RBI.

So we get the same outcome as in 2010, but one day early, and without the beginnings of Madison Bumgarner’s legendary postseason career.


From the Little Caesar Arena in Detroit, Michigan, the Facebook Friends Wrestling League presents…


Master of Ceremonies Dirk Manning takes to the center of the ring, welcoming the crowd.  He also mentions the upcoming release of the Nightmare World Omnibus.

Dirk points out a few celebrities in the crowd:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
James Corden
Logan Paul
Larry Nasser
James Franco

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Face to the Mat 2018

Damn, the last time I played this game was June of 2016.

Brandon Yee was a wrestler in the game.  He passed away less than a month later.  Out of respect, I will be retiring his wrestler.

The ‘good guy’ celebrities: John Boyega, Chris Evans, Steph Curry

The ‘bad guy’ celebrities: Donald Trump(!), Lebron James, Charles Barkley

The matches:

  • Nezz “Stalker” Constantine defeated Jason “Wendigo” Miller
  • Andy “The Jawa” Dahl defeated Brandon “Arizona” Yee
  • Kalu “Shonuff” Ekeh defeated Ken “WAAAGH!” Marquardt
  • Jason “Cranky Caucasian” Thill defeated Bruce “ManHo” Powell (this match resulted in a grudge match, noted later)
  • Timothy “Charybdis” Nowell defeated Mike “Vengeance” Fatum
  • Lando “Turbo” Gayle defeated “Supreme” Brent Knight for the CHAMPIONSHIP BELT
  • Grudge match: Jason “Cranky Caucasian” Thill defeated Timothy “Charybdis” Nowell


With your new host, Dirk Manning!

Stay tuned!


The next chapter in the ongoing saga of the Facebook Friends Wrestling League (FFWL) will be written tonight!

The matchup:




When we last saw these two, Turbo had defeated Supreme to become the FFWL Champion.

Can Turbo hold on to the title?

Can Supreme reclaim that which was his?

Stay tuned!

Oh, and maybe a couple of other matches will be played as well.


I just realized that I did not purchase the quick play football games that I usually get for the college bowl games, or the NFL playoffs.

I simply no longer have time (or interest?) to play those quick-play games.

I’d rather play full games of football, which currently take longer than the time I can invest into playing.

To be honest, I’m close to paring down the number of games (sports and others) that I currently own.