The Wall

I’ve hit it.

I haven’t lost interest in my tabletop sports games, I’ve lost interest in playing them, specifically baseball.

I played so much over the last 3 years that I may have burned myself out at least twice during that span.

Meanwhile, interest in my other hobbies have returned.

So it may be a bit quiet around here while I indulge in wargames and miniatures/painting for a while.

Signing off, for now.

Golf: The Masters

150 started, down to 12, 1 winner.

From Champions Course in Augusta, GA:

There is a way to calculate scores for every player in the All-Time Greats set that I used (150 golfers), but I decided not to do that.

This time.

I have about 17 courses now, so I may come up with an actual golf tour.

Stay tuned!

Signage Update: PepsiCo Park

With a new baseball season upon us, I thought it was high time to do some maintenance at PepsiCo Park.

The act of rolling the dice in the tower has an unfortunate tendency to wear down the paper signage that is placed in the exit chute, so I took it as a chance to place a logo that I should have put on the park two years ago.

You can see the damage to the top of the paper sign on the left with the old 1940s Pepsi logo.

I simply had no time (or reason) to replace any of the existing signage back in 2015, when this should have been up for Back to the Future’s 30th anniversary.

It’s made of 110 lb card stock instead of 25 lb printer paper, so we’ll see how well it holds up under the punishment.

This is only the second time that I’ve replaced the logo in the chute due to wear and tear from the dice.

Trial run is tomorrow, for Opening Day 2017.

On deck: game two of a three game series between the Dodgers and the Giants, May 27, 1967.

Stay tuned!

The Autumn Wind to Vegas

I have never, ever been a Raider Fan.  Becoming a Broncos fan in high school made that an impossibility.

I’ve rooted for some of their players, like Bo Jackson and Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott.

I like their theme song from NFL Films.  I think they’re the only team to have a theme song from NFL Films.

But I’ve had a dislike, bordering on hatred, for the Raiders for as long as I can remember.

That said, I am genuinely sad that they are moving to Las Vegas.  Screw the fans.  The business of businesses is to make money, and that’s exactly why they’re being moved.

I remember how upset folks were around here when they first moved to Los Angeles.  The simple fact that they were a Los Angeles team probably added to my lifelong animosity toward the team.

When they moved back, not everyone up here in NorCal welcomed them back.  Most of the folks I knew did, but there were a handful who had a feeling that this would happen again.

And it did.

This is why people have trust issues.

All joking aside, I feel bad for the Oakland Raiders’ fans, especially the ones who now see their team leave home for a second time.  The San Francisco Giants almost moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, after 1992, but didn’t, but I remember how gut wrenching that felt at the end of that season.

And with the Golden State Warriors moving to San Francisco in a couple of years, Oakland will be left with the A’s, unless they end up moving as well.

Movies – Books

Before every baseball season, there’s a list of movies that I try to watch to psych myself up for Opening Day.

  • The Natural
  • Field of Dreams
  • 42
  • Major League

This season I’m going to try to get through the books that 3 of those movies are based on.

Stay tuned!