Almost replayed 2 games that I had already replayed in my 1917 replay.

Good thing I checked the reports folder and found that the two games were played back in May, but I forgot to record the scores in my spreadsheet.

Crisis averted!  Onto the next 4 games (with 1227 to go).

Stay tuned!


I’m gonna try my best to finish this Gooden rookie season replay this weekend.

Truth be told, while I enjoy playing these games in general, I miss playing Ball Park Baseball.  And I vowed to not to bounce around game systems unless I finish these smaller projects (less than 40 games).

So after I finish this one, it’s back to 1917 and 1967 for a while, and then I continue the John D’Acquisto rookie season replay.

Stay tuned!


I find myself taking a longer time playing a game with Replay Baseball than with Ball Park Baseball.

I think it’s just a case of unfamiliarity with charts and stuff.

I like Replay’s system, I just need to get a few more games under my belt, so I don’t flip through the rules as often as I do now.

Stay tuned!