I’m gonna try my best to finish this Gooden rookie season replay this weekend.

Truth be told, while I enjoy playing these games in general, I miss playing Ball Park Baseball.  And I vowed to not to bounce around game systems unless I finish these smaller projects (less than 40 games).

So after I finish this one, it’s back to 1917 and 1967 for a while, and then I continue the John D’Acquisto rookie season replay.

Stay tuned!


This is something that I was thinking of doing a couple of years back.

I came across a pair of ticket stubs from a Giants game from 43 years ago.  Since I just happen to have the MLB season set from that year, I decided to replay this game.

Final from Candlestick Park:

2-5, run scored, 5 RBI, HR

I plan to do this more often, as I come across ticket stubs around the house.

Stay tuned!

1974: John D’Acquisto, Game 6

May 4th, 1974

Welcome to Parc Jarry!

A head-to-head match up between two rookies…

Final from Parc Jarry:

The Giants’ bats come alive as D’Acquisto goes 6 innings, allowing 3 runs on 7 hits, with a pair of strikeouts, for the win.

D’Acquisto: win, record now 3-2 (actual result: loss, record: 2-2)

Next game: May 8, 1974: John D’Acquisto vs. Jon Matlack @ Shea Stadium

Stay tuned!

4 Years Ago

According to Facebook, today is the anniversary of the day that I received PLAAY Games’  History Maker Baseball in the mail.

That game, in addition to Strat-O-Matic Baseball, set me on my current hobby of table top sports.

I suppose I’ll pull that one out and play a game or two of the 1974 John D’Acquisto rookie season replay.

Stay tuned!


I toyed with the idea of setting up a goal of finishing 50% of each of my current projects by the middle of the year.

But then I realized that this could turn this more into a chore than a hobby.

So I’ll make it a not-so-strict goal, with the baseball projects taking priority.

And I still plan to start the 1917 full season replay sometime soon.

Stay tuned!

1974: John D’Acquisto, Game 4

April 21, 1974: Giants @ Dodgers, Dodger Stadium


1974giants 1974dodgers

dacquisto_giants75 messersmith_dodgers

Final from Dodger Stadium:


Crazy game as the Giants jump out to an early lead, the Dodgers tying the game and taking the lead in the bottom of the 8th, and Mike Marshall blowing a save and walking in the winning run.  Dave Kingman knocks in 2 with a homer for the Giants.

marshall_dodgers kingman_giants

D’Acquisto’s record: 1-2 (no decision; actual: 2-1)

Next opponent: April 27, 1974: Swan vs. D’Acquisto @ Candlestick Park

Stay tuned!