History Maker Golf: Foursome

I have now played twice as many games with History Maker Golf than I have with any other golf game in my collection:  two.

This time I grabbed 4 golfers who I had played with in a round in ASG Golf, from the ‘2000s Stars’ set that comes with the game, and had them play at Spyglass Hill at Pebble Beach.

I’ll probably try a tournament sometime this week.

Stay tuned!


I had a game all set up on my table.

BallScore was ready to go on my computer.

I played a couple of innings.  And then stopped.

And then I deleted the results of those two innings.

And then I shut down BallScore and put away the game I had set up.

I think I still need a break from table top sports games.  I’m just not feeling it at the moment, though I’m not going to totally abandon them.

Or maybe I just need to not play baseball.  This has happened before.

I’ll regroup and see what happens and how I feel in the next week or so.

Stay tuned!