Locked In

Whether it’s weekly, daily or whatever, I think I’m back in the table top sports groove, along with the other gaming that I’ve picked up along the way.

Current plans are to finish the home stand with the 1967 Giants (2 vs. Pittsburgh, 4 vs. New York) and then move on to the next full day of games in the 1917 replay (April 14, 8 games).

Along the way there will be some B-17 bomber action.

Stay tuned!


Yeah, this never has worked for me: setting up a schedule for what to play on any given day.

I had a table that I rolled dice one to try to determine what game I would play on a given night.  Didn’t work, never stuck to it, and it was edited many times as I finished a given replay.

I want to try to organize my play between sports games and war games, so maybe I should just alternate my weekly focus from one to the other, because I’ve actually found myself frozen into inaction as I try to decide between the two hobbies.  I end up doing neither and spending too much time online or wallowing in my own indecision.

So starting this week, I’ll continue with the war games (Bataan! is my primary focus), and switch to sports next week, just in time for the big racing day of 2017 (Monaco GP/Indy 500/World 600), which happens to fall on my sister’s birthday.  Focus will be on baseball and (of course) racing games.

And maybe wrestling.

Stay tuned!


If there’s anything I’m learning from playing this 1917 MLB replay, it’s that the game was played very differently (obviously) back then.

I’ve started play on day two, and in the game I’m currently playing (Senators @ Athletics), I just had the weirdest double play that I’ve ever seen:

Bases loaded, 1 out.  I try a suicide squeeze, resulting in a strikeout and the runner on third getting caught stealing home.

I think this season replay is teaching me how to play this game better, in general.  I’d ignore the solitaire charts in my 1958 replay, and slowly started using them in my 1967 replay, but I’m using them whole hog in the 1917 replay.

Day two results should be posted shortly.

Stay tuned!


Something I forgot to do before I started my 1917 MLB replay was to reverse all transactions per team, to get opening day rosters.

And because of lower limits of who gets carded in Ball Park Baseball, I’m going to have to make some creative adjustments to some of these starting lineups.

I’m almost done with Opening Day.

Stay tuned!

Perspective Addendum

If I play at the rate I played yesterday (2 games in a day), I could be finished with the 1917 season in about 2 years!  And the most games that I ever played in a day was something like 4 games, so even that time could be cut in half!

That’s not going to happen, though.  There are periods when I need to back off from one hobby and go do another, which is why I averaged about 130+ baseball games per year since I started playing regularly.

And even within the table top games hobby, I do play football, soccer and racing games too, with basketball and hockey still waiting in the wings.

So while 9 years sounds like a long time, it may be shorter (or longer) depending on what’s going on in my life.

I will get this one done, though.  Someday.  Just not tomorrow.  Or next month.

As an aside I will say it’s quite a thing to see names in these lineups of players who are the legends of baseball, like Babe Ruth pitching for the Red Sox, or Ty Cobb striking out against Stan Coveleski.  Tris Speaker.  Wally Pipp.  Names of players who I’ve heard of, but never really knew.  After the two games I played Thursday night, I found myself looking up some of the players online to see what their careers were like.  It surprised me to find that Coveleski was a Hall of Famer, who used the spitball.  Pipp’s name rang a bell, and I confirmed online that this was the fella who Lou Gehrig replaced on the Yankees.

Forever a student of this game, that’s me.

Stay tuned!


It has taken me a little less than 3  years to play about 400 games of table top baseball.

I have over 1200 more games to play in just the 1917 season alone.

So even if I were to focus on just that replay project, it would take me a little under 9 more years to complete it.

I’ll give myself until December 2027 to get it done, just to stay on the safe side.

Stay tuned!