Yeah, this never has worked for me: setting up a schedule for what to play on any given day.

I had a table that I rolled dice one to try to determine what game I would play on a given night.  Didn’t work, never stuck to it, and it was edited many times as I finished a given replay.

I want to try to organize my play between sports games and war games, so maybe I should just alternate my weekly focus from one to the other, because I’ve actually found myself frozen into inaction as I try to decide between the two hobbies.  I end up doing neither and spending too much time online or wallowing in my own indecision.

So starting this week, I’ll continue with the war games (Bataan! is my primary focus), and switch to sports next week, just in time for the big racing day of 2017 (Monaco GP/Indy 500/World 600), which happens to fall on my sister’s birthday.  Focus will be on baseball and (of course) racing games.

And maybe wrestling.

Stay tuned!

1967 vs. 1921

31 games played in each replay.

New York Giants 1921: 2 and a half years to get to that point.

San Francisco Giants 1967: 6 months to get to that point.

Granted, I was replaying the 1958 San Francisco Giants season while playing the 1921 replay, as well as the 1967 ‘daily’ replay with Scoreboard Baseball.

We’ll see which Giants replay gets finished first.

Stay tuned!

Game Time

I think 3 weeks since my last game play is long enough.

And it’s been too long since I played with the 1921 Giants, so that’s what’s gonna be on deck for tomorrow, at the earliest.  I’m also itching to get back to the 1967 Giants replay.

What’s weird is that I just checked where I am in the 1921 and 1967 Giants replays, and both teams are playing the Cubs, second game of a series, NY at home, SF away.

Stay tuned!

Now, where were we?

This is a new beginning for this particular site, so I’m not sure if I’ll post previous stuff, or just continue on from where the last site left off.

Which would mean these replays:

  • 1921 NY Giants season (Payoff Pitch Baseball)
  • 1967 San Francisco Giants season (Ball Park Baseball)
  • 1967 Denver Broncos season (Second Season)
  • 1974 John D’Acquisto season (History Maker Baseball)
  • 1979 Winston Cup Racing Series (Red White & Blue Racing)
  • 1984 Dwight Gooden Rookie season (Replay Baseball)
  • 1985 Doc Gooden Cy Young season (Inside Pitch Baseball)
  • 1990 Harbaugh ‘What if?’ scenario (Second Season)

These were the ones I was focusing on before the other site was hacked, so I’ll be playing these soon enough.

Stay tuned!