Roster Card Baseball

For some reason I’ve felt the need to play a quick-play baseball game, and not my old standby, Scoreboard Baseball.  As much as I like that game, the oldest season available is 1956.

Enter another game that I’ve owned for a couple of years and never played a full game: Roster Card Baseball.  Like Scoreboard, the teams are represented on one sheet, and a 2d10 and d6 die roll determines the outcome of a given at bat.  This makes it a bit more than a simple quick-play, which is probably why I never got that deep into it.

I bought about a couple dozen seasons from them over the past couple of years, through various sales, including the decade of the 1910’s.  I hadn’t printed out a bunch of these seasons, but today I arbitrarily printed out the 1942 and 1960 seasons, and I’m about to play a few games using the 1942, perhaps a World Series replay.

Stay tuned!