1977: Duane Kuiper’s Home Run Game

40 years ago, this happened:

I replayed this game tonight, using Payoff Pitch Baseball, the only system where I have the 1977 season.

August 29, 1977: White Sox @ Indians, Cleveland Stadium

Final from Cleveland Stadium:

It didn’t quite turn out the same way, no home run by Duane Kuiper, but still a win for Rick Waits and the Indians.

I rerolled Kuiper’s first at-bat about 50 times, just to see if I could get the right combo (4 on 2d6 from the pitcher’s card, followed by 1-3 on d100 from the batter’s card) but it never rolled that way.

Ah well.

Congratulations on the 40th anniversary of the one career home run, Duane Kuiper.  That’s one more than I’ll ever hit in my lifetime.

1977: How about that?

On a whim, I ordered the 1st season of “This Week in Baseball” from Amazon.com.  It covers the period of May 31st to September 20th, 1977.

I’m open to suggestions on any possible replay project for that season.  I had planned to replay Steve Carlton’s 2nd Cy Young season, or perhaps the NL and AL postseason.

I’ll watch a few episodes before I decide.

Stay tuned!