1984: Dwight Gooden, Game 29

September 12, 1984: Pirates vs. Mets @ Shea Stadium

Final from Shea Stadium:

Main highlight of the game was an inside-the-park home run by Lee Lacy.  I don’t think I’ve had that happen before in any of my table top games.

No decision for Gooden in the Mets’ win.  Record stays at 19-2 (actual record: 16-8)

Next opponent: Gooden vs Rawley @ Veteran’s Stadium

Stay tuned!


I’m gonna try my best to finish this Gooden rookie season replay this weekend.

Truth be told, while I enjoy playing these games in general, I miss playing Ball Park Baseball.  And I vowed to not to bounce around game systems unless I finish these smaller projects (less than 40 games).

So after I finish this one, it’s back to 1917 and 1967 for a while, and then I continue the John D’Acquisto rookie season replay.

Stay tuned!

Revised Goal

7 games to go in the 1984 Dwight Gooden season replay.

Doesn’t look like it’ll be done by the end of August.

New goal is to finish by mid-September.

A couple of other non-sport games are arriving in the next week or so, which means I’ll be busy checking those out as well.

Federation & Empire drew a lot of attention away from the Gooden replay.

Stay tuned!

1984: Dwight Gooden, Game 24

August 17, 1984: Mets vs. Giants @ Candlestick Park

Final from Candlestick Park:

I was looking forward to rolling this game.  It didn’t quite turn out to be the pitcher’s duel that the real game turned out to be.  On the contrary, it was a slugfest.

The Giants took an early lead and knocked Gooden out of the game.  The Mets countered with a George Foster grand slam, knocking Krukow out and taking the lead, but the Giants rallied for 2 in the bottom of the 7th and got the win.

Next opponent: Gooden vs. Hawkins @ Jack Murphy Stadium

Stay tuned!