I’m gonna try my best to finish this Gooden rookie season replay this weekend.

Truth be told, while I enjoy playing these games in general, I miss playing Ball Park Baseball.  And I vowed to not to bounce around game systems unless I finish these smaller projects (less than 40 games).

So after I finish this one, it’s back to 1917 and 1967 for a while, and then I continue the John D’Acquisto rookie season replay.

Stay tuned!

1974: John D’Acquisto, Game 6

May 4th, 1974

Welcome to Parc Jarry!

A head-to-head match up between two rookies…

Final from Parc Jarry:

The Giants’ bats come alive as D’Acquisto goes 6 innings, allowing 3 runs on 7 hits, with a pair of strikeouts, for the win.

D’Acquisto: win, record now 3-2 (actual result: loss, record: 2-2)

Next game: May 8, 1974: John D’Acquisto vs. Jon Matlack @ Shea Stadium

Stay tuned!

4 Years Ago

According to Facebook, today is the anniversary of the day that I received PLAAY Games’  History Maker Baseball in the mail.

That game, in addition to Strat-O-Matic Baseball, set me on my current hobby of table top sports.

I suppose I’ll pull that one out and play a game or two of the 1974 John D’Acquisto rookie season replay.

Stay tuned!

1974: John D’Acquisto, Game 4

April 21, 1974: Giants @ Dodgers, Dodger Stadium


1974giants 1974dodgers

dacquisto_giants75 messersmith_dodgers

Final from Dodger Stadium:


Crazy game as the Giants jump out to an early lead, the Dodgers tying the game and taking the lead in the bottom of the 8th, and Mike Marshall blowing a save and walking in the winning run.  Dave Kingman knocks in 2 with a homer for the Giants.

marshall_dodgers kingman_giants

D’Acquisto’s record: 1-2 (no decision; actual: 2-1)

Next opponent: April 27, 1974: Swan vs. D’Acquisto @ Candlestick Park

Stay tuned!

Now, where were we?

This is a new beginning for this particular site, so I’m not sure if I’ll post previous stuff, or just continue on from where the last site left off.

Which would mean these replays:

  • 1921 NY Giants season (Payoff Pitch Baseball)
  • 1967 San Francisco Giants season (Ball Park Baseball)
  • 1967 Denver Broncos season (Second Season)
  • 1974 John D’Acquisto season (History Maker Baseball)
  • 1979 Winston Cup Racing Series (Red White & Blue Racing)
  • 1984 Dwight Gooden Rookie season (Replay Baseball)
  • 1985 Doc Gooden Cy Young season (Inside Pitch Baseball)
  • 1990 Harbaugh ‘What if?’ scenario (Second Season)

These were the ones I was focusing on before the other site was hacked, so I’ll be playing these soon enough.

Stay tuned!