Xenos 2

At least they sent the correct book for these guys to me…

Index: Xenos 2, for my Orks, WAAAGH!!!

The online shop that I bought my 8th edition books from sent me the wrong Imperium book, Volume 1 instead of 2.

Haven’t heard from them yet, but hopefully they’re gonna send the correct one soon.

For the Emperor!

The 8th Edition of Warhammer 40K came out today, and while I do have hard copies preordered and being shipped to me by the end of the coming week, I decided to go with digital copies as well, mainly so I don’t have to lug the books everywhere if I wanted to read them.

8th Edition Rulebook

From what I’ve read so far, and from after action reports online, the game plays much faster than before, with very streamlined rules.

I’m looking forward to playing, whenever that will be.