Star Trek Attack Wing

After an enjoyable evening of playing 4 games of X-Wing Miniatures at Nelson’s house, I decide to bite the bullet and order a copy of Star Trek Attack Wing.

The starter set comes withe the three starship miniatures shown, from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I myself am a bigger fan of the Original Series, so of course I went and ordered a few TOS ships.

My one beef with this game is the size of the original Enterprise miniature, and the price they charge for it ($14.99 retail).  After looking at the number of other items (cards, tokens, etc.) that come with it, and after using reward points that game me a $10 coupon at an online store, I figured that it was worth getting for $1.97 (originally $11.97).  Heh.

Edit: behold!

You’re paying for more than just a miniature, that’s a lot of game material for this ship.

I browsed the available Klingon ships and came across this one, the ship that attacked V’Ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

And then there’s this ship, the Romulan vessel that attacked the outposts along the Neutral Zone, until it was stopped by the Enterprise in “Balance of Terror”.

The Klingon and Romulan ship miniatures are much bigger than the Enterprise miniature, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but whatever, I’m getting my TOS fix with those three.

Prepare for Battle

Okay, so, the counters have been punched and cards sorted for both B-17 and Alexander games.

Awaiting the large box for Warfighter WWII, should arrive this week.

Re-reading the rules for X-Wing Miniatures for Games night this Saturday.

Reading the rules for Bataan!, Shadow War: Armageddon and a couple of other games.

Deciding to play the next series of games in either the 1917 or 1967 baseball replays.

Picking up Injustice 2 after work today.

Games overload in full effect!

Pepsi Leader

Behold, the Incom Z-95 Headhunter:

Comes with 4 pilots, plus the one I created: me
Sure, I could have used a Star Wars name, using one of the many ‘formulas’ to generate one…
… but seeing my actual name on a pilot card? Awesome.

edit: Damn, I have a crappy point-and-shoot camera.  My phone takes better pictures.  Didn’t have it with me in my bedroom when I opened this thing.

X-Wing Miniatures

One game that I hope my group plays soon, assuming we decide to do table top miniatures, is X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games.

When and if we do, I’ve settled on a ship that I will consider my ‘personal’ starfighter: the Z-95 Headhunter.

Click for a link to FFG’s preview page for this ship, from 2014

This is one of the first ships that was referenced outside of the movies, in the first Han Solo book by Brian Daley, Han Solo at Star’s End.

For some reason I recently couldn’t find it in local stores, primarily a couple of Barnes and Noble bookstores that sell the game and miniatures.  I could find it before I actually wanted to pick one up, but kept holding off.

I eventually found one for sale at, so I ordered one.

My next step is to find a card template to make a custom pilot card for myself.

Edit: found one!

And now we’ll see if I’ll ever get to take her into combat.

Pepsi Leader standing by…