1962: Meet the Mets, Games 8-10

Easier to post these as series…

Finals from Forbes Field (April 21st-23rd):

10 games in, these Mets have the same record as their real-life counterparts (1-9).  Though I was able to get their first win earlier than they did.  Historically their first win was on April 23rd against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  In my replay it was April 17th against the Houston Colt .45s.

Next up: the Mets visit Cincinnati for the first time.

Stay tuned!

Now, where were we?

This is a new beginning for this particular site, so I’m not sure if I’ll post previous stuff, or just continue on from where the last site left off.

Which would mean these replays:

  • 1921 NY Giants season (Payoff Pitch Baseball)
  • 1967 San Francisco Giants season (Ball Park Baseball)
  • 1967 Denver Broncos season (Second Season)
  • 1974 John D’Acquisto season (History Maker Baseball)
  • 1979 Winston Cup Racing Series (Red White & Blue Racing)
  • 1984 Dwight Gooden Rookie season (Replay Baseball)
  • 1985 Doc Gooden Cy Young season (Inside Pitch Baseball)
  • 1990 Harbaugh ‘What if?’ scenario (Second Season)

These were the ones I was focusing on before the other site was hacked, so I’ll be playing these soon enough.

Stay tuned!